About This Website

This is the place to find out about Planetarium shows and special events. You can buy tickets to our Friends' Weekend shows right here, as soon as they are announced. Many of our shows become sold out, so reserve your spot early!

These and other important announcements are listed under “Events & Shows” and the front page. Other content is listed under “Articles & Things,” where you can find articles about astronomy and related subjects, as well as an astronomy newsfeed, updated approximately daily. Please visit the “Join, Donate, Subscribe” link to support the Planetarium and help keep us operating.

All of the articles that were at our previous website will eventually be available here, but, regrettably, not all at the same URLs. So, if you are looking for an older article, please try again in the near future, when we have restored the historical content.

The design and programming of the website was done by board member Lee Phillips and the Alogus Research Corporation, which also donates web hosting. It is based partly on work done for the previous site by Tom Wanat and other members of the board. Maria Dittrich created our favicon.

The entire toolchain used to create and deliver this site consists of open source software. To mention just a key few of these tools, development is on a Debian Linux laptop using Vim, Gimp, Imagemagick, Git, Rsync, Python, and the Gnu userland; deployment is on Debian Linux with Apache, PostgreSQL, and Django.

The design of this website and all its constituent parts, as well as all content not otherwise credited, are © The Friends of Arlington’s Planetarium, Inc. Individual articles and other content, where authorship is identified, are © the individual author.