November Friends Weekend: Advance Notice

Our November Friends Weekend is titled “On the Shoulders of Giants” and will devoted to the topic of astronomers in the 20th century.

Although tickets are not available quite yet, we’ve finalized the schedule. Save these dates and check back here soon for tickets and reservations, as well as more details and information:

Friday, Nov 18
6:30 pm - Two Small Pieces of Glass (full-dome movie)
7:30 pm - Harmony of the Worlds (original Cosmos episode w/ Carl Sagan)

Saturday, Nov 19
6:30 pm - Natural Selection (full-dome movie)
7:30 pm - “On the Shoulders of Giants”: panel discussion with Drs. Sethanne Howard, Steve Dick, and David DeVorkin

Sunday, Nov 20
1:30 pm - Astronaut
Intermission shows: Space Park 360, Trailer / Infinite Horizons
3:00 pm - Accidental Astrononauts
The Sunday shows are full-dome movies suitable for young children.