Welcome Back: the September Friends' Weekend

The new season of Friends of the Planetarium weekend shows is about to begin!

Although tickets are not available yet, we thought you’d might like an advance peek at the events we have planned for our September weekend; the theme is Amateur Astronomy, Telescopes & Stargazing:

Friday, September 16th, 7:30 pm: Full-dome show: Two Small Pieces of Glass Followed by discussion of amateur astronomy in Northern Virginia.

Saturday, September 17th, 6:30 pm: Losing the Dark, a short full-dome show, followed by Two Small Pieces of Glass.

Saturday, September 17th, 7:30 pm: Clockwork Skies and an Interactive Star Talk by Planetarium Director Jonathan Harmon; followed by stargazing on the terrace with Geoff Chester.

Sunday, September 18th, 1:30 pm: the full-dome show From Earth to the Universe followed by the short full-dome film Journey to the Center of the Milky Way

Intermission, with short videos on the dome and telescopes on display in the lobby.

3:00 pm: Losing the Dark, followed by the full-dome show The Magic Tree House.

Mark your calendars, and check back here soon to make reservations. As always, members will receive advance notices and be able to make reservations before the general public. Please consider supporting the Arlington Planetarium and our community science outreach programs by joining or donating today.