The 2016 Perseid Meteors

The 2016 Perseid meteor shower is winding down.

It provided a good show for many people all over the world who managed to get away from light pollution and clouds long enough to enjoy the spectacle.

Do you have a photograph or movie of one or more Perseids that you’d like to share? Please email it to us so we can put it on this page!

Here’s one that I caught at the Big Meadow in Virginia’s Shenandoah National Park, August 13th, 2:05 am local time. It’s a 30-second exposure at f/2.0, ISO 2000. You can see a meteor track near the top center, and the smudge of Andromeda at the lower right.

A Perseid meteor. By Lee Phillips (CC BY-NC 4.0).

And here’s one sent to us by Greg Redfern, taken in central Virginia:

Another Perseid meteor. ©Greg Redfern.

The video below was acquired August 10, 2016, with a high-resolution camera aboard the International Space Station, looking down at Pakistan. It captures two Perseid tracks.