View the Transit of Mercury

Come to the Arlington Planetarium this Monday, May 9th, for a very special event.

Stop by during the day to watch our innermost planet — the swiftly moving Mercury — pass between the Earth and the Sun. The transit of Mercury will be visible across the Eastern United States, starting just after 7 am, EDT. We will have sun scopes on the terrace in front of the Brown Planetarium from 10 am until 2 pm to allow you to safely view this fascinating and rare phenomenon. This is free and open to everyone! Don't miss out!

(Parking is limited during school days, so look for nearby street parking or use public transportation.)

If the clouds obscure the Sun, it will not be possible to view the transit except by spacecraft. However, we will still be at the Planetarium to talk about it and other matters astronomical.

Be Careful

Do not attempt to view the transit with your naked eyes or with a telescope or binoculars unless you have the correct filter installed.