All About Lunar Eclipses!
Saturday, May 14, 2022
Total lunar eclipse 2014 April 15 from San Jose, CA. Credit: NASA Ames Research Center/Brian Day.

All About Lunar Eclipses
Saturday, May 14, 2022
2:30 pm EDT hands-on science activities
3:00 pm EDT talk by Kenneth Moore
Arlington Mill Community Center - Room 527
909 S. Dinwiddie St, Arlington, VA
A free, in-person event

Watch the skies for a total supermoon lunar eclipse on Sunday night, May 15th, 2022!

But what does that mean?
What is a lunar eclipse?
Do you need special equipment to watch it?
What’s the best way to photograph it?

Find the answers to these and other questions on Saturday, May 14th, at a special lunar eclipse event held in the Arlington Mill Community Center.

Come at 2:30 pm for some fun lunar-related activities for both children and adults. Then, at 3:00 pm, Kenneth Moore will give a talk about lunar eclipses. He’ll talk about what causes an eclipse, where and when to see it, what to expect while you’re watching, and maybe even provide a couple of tips for taking pictures.

Kenneth Moore is a retired Planetarium Assistant Director who has educated the public in two planetariums located in southern Virginia. He taught people of all ages about the wonders of the Universe through live lectures and recorded productions. He currently works for the Department of Justice, but still uses his time and astronomy background to engage the public through outreach programs.

For your safety, the Friends will comply with all local guidelines regarding in-person events of this nature. Volunteer staff will be fully vaccinated and wear masks. Participants are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask.

No advanced registration is required. Come join us.

The event is free, but donations are always welcome. Funds raised support future activities, preparations for re-opening the Planetarium, professional development Grants for Teachers, and the David M. Brown Scholarship.