Successful Ice Cream Social in September
Friends at the 2021 Ice Cream Social at Hayes Park. Credit: Wendy Benvenga.

“A very well run program, inviting to children and adults for education on the solar system,” wrote a renewing member. Sunday, September 26 was a lovely afternoon to spend at Hayes Park enjoying the sunshine, Solar System play structures, and ice cream. The Friends are grateful to all the new and renewing members who joined us.

Wendy Benvenga read from the Greek myth of Perseus, Andromeda, Cetus, Cassiopeia, and Cepheus; characters now immortalized in the constellations. Jim Thorne honored us with several space-themed songs. Kenny Riggleman organized the comet-toss game, reminding us that collisions among Solar System bodies continue. Attending children also enjoyed the selection of instructional coloring pages featuring the Moon and constellations. For more pictures of the event, please visit our Flickr album. The Friends extend many thanks to each volunteer who made the event a success.

We look forward to seeing you on November 14th, when we celebrate the upcoming launch of the James Webb Space Telescope. In the meantime, join us online October 10 for Astronomy in Chaco Canyon.