Grants for Teachers 2021
Comet Making Demonstration by Jonathan Harmon at the Planetarium, September 23, 2017. Credit: Perrino.

Small Donations Generate Big Improvements

We are deeply grateful for all our teachers who have worked diligently to keep our students engaged during the Pandemic. Donating to Grants for Teachers expresses that appreciation by enabling teachers to participate in professional development. As we look to a more normal school year in the fall, we recognize how important enthusiastic teachers are to our children's education. Our returning students will be especially eager for hands-on science activities that allow them to discover the concepts themselves. Because individual teachers will inspire hundreds of children throughout their careers, your gift will also influence their futures significantly.

As part of our mission to support science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, the Friends established the Grants for Teachers program. It provides “mini-grants” that pay for Arlington teachers to improve their skills because we know they have the greatest and most lasting effect on students. Therefore, we want to support their mission of enabling even more kids to become scientists and engineers.

We need to raise $5,000 this summer to ensure we can meet the anticipated need for Arlington teachers to attend classes and major educational conferences, either in-person or online. Please help us reach that goal.

Grants for Teachers is administered jointly by the Friends and Arlington Public Schools for the benefit of dozens of our STEM teachers and - most importantly - our students. Interested teachers should contact Chris Reid ( for application information. The quantity and amount of individual grants will depend on the generosity of our donors.

What do teachers say?

From the positive grant recipient responses, we see that small donations foster huge effects.

The STEM in a bag was a great workshop with 20 easy to make STEM challenge ideas that each fit into a paper bag!

Kristin Bouton, Barcroft Elementary

…included the importance of modeling in the classroom; specifically, the incorporation of mathematical and computation modeling in science classrooms. It is definitely a personal area of science education that I want to improve upon for my practice.

David Steele, Gunston Middle

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