Volcanoes of the US: A Geologic Cornucopia

Live online event: on April 18th, at 2pm eastern time, Charity Southworth will give a presentation about volcanoes. See it right here.

At the area Where Kilauea’s lava flows meet the ocean

From violent pyroclastic flows in the Cascade Mountains to the nearly constant lava flows at Kilauea in Hawaii, there are various types of volcanoes throughout the United States. Many are still active or have devastating eruptions predicted in the near (geologic) future. No matter their status, they have shaped not only the land around them, but the culture as well. In this talk we explore not only the types of volcanoes within the US, but the way humans respond to them.

About the Speaker

Charity Southworth holds a Bachelor’s in Physics and Astrophysics and a Master’s in Critical and Creative Thinking. She spent time doing field research on volcanoes through Indiana University in Long Valley, CA and other areas of the country. After conducting research in radio astronomy, Charity moved on to research in science communication and ways to combat science illiteracy within the general population. Her main goal is to make science accessible and fun to every age group, particularly focusing on young adults and adults. She is a NASA Solar System Ambassador Volunteer and runs The Science Boutique from her home in Boston.

A 1,000 year old lava flow near Flagstaff, AZ with older cinder cone volcanoes in the background