Voices from the Sky Sunday, November 15th, 3pm EST.

Tune in for a fun, music-based program about space science and history with Dr. Jim Thorne, space scientist and singer-songwriter.  Get set to hear story songs about the adventures of Tommy & Laura, two kids of the future who fly their spaceships, explore the solar system, and follow radio signals from the sky to reach another star! Meet their companion robot explorers, Piper and Vista, as seen on the TV show “Space Quest with Dr. Jim.” 

Dr. James D. Thorne (Jim) is a nationally-recognized expert on space science and a NASA consultant. He is a career veteran of the US Air Force in space technology, acquisition and policy. Jim is also a published recording artist with two albums about space exploration for elementary science students, and has performed at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, and also hosts the award-winning show “Space Quest with Dr. Jim” on public-access TV and YouTube.

Sunday, November 15th, 3pm EST.